Chef Ricardo’s Super Portuguese Supper

Pupils at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School might have been wondering about the unusual dishes they have been served in the last few months.

On Tuesday they had their answer. The School’s Head Chef, Ricardo Nunes, is from Madeira, (an autonomous region of Portugal) and he often incorporates his country’s food in the School’s menus.

To give pupils an even greater taste of what Portuguese food is all about, the School’s chefs hosted a Portuguese themed evening filled with traditional Portuguese and Madeiran dishes. The dining room was given a Portuguese makeover and pupils were welcomed with a colourful and tasty choice of new and interesting dishes.

Pupils very much enjoyed the evening, with many being a bit more adventurous and trying foods they wouldn’t normally have.

The specialities served included bacalhau com natas, a creamy cod bake and one of Portugal’s most popular dishes. There was the better known chicken piri piri served with fried cornmeal, a staple for Madeirans. And pupils were treated to Chef Ricardo’s Secret Recipe Piri Piri Sauce. The vegetarian option was a twist on the traditional Portuguese feijoada, a bean stew.

As edible decorations, there was grilled chorizo, and lupini beans, known as tremocos in Portuguese. Dessert continued the theme with honey cakes and custard tarts.
Ricardo said, “Portuguese Night was a success! I think pupils very much enjoyed sampling different foods and seemed happy to try as many dishes as they could.”

The School’s chefs, from Harrison Catering Services, served over 700 meals to the School’s Boarders and Flexi Boarders, some of whom stayed for dinner especially to try the Portuguese food.

Headmaster Paul D Spencer Ellis said, “In today’s shrinking world it is good to give pupils an appreciation of the cultures of different countries. Introducing Portuguese cuisine to pupils has shown them they can enjoy food that is unfamiliar. I would like to thank the catering team for all their hard work in making this happen.”

15 October 2015

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