Aug 08 - Madeline’s magnificent music GCSE

Madeline Castrey, a pupil at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School is celebrating her A* grade in GCSE music. This is a remarkable achievement as she took the exam in May when she was only 10 years old. Madeline says “I was really surprised by the result. I had been hoping for a B and was shocked when I saw it was an A* - I kept checking the letter to make sure it really was for me! I spent the last year working towards this and I am so glad the work paid off.”

Madeline has always had a keen interest in music; she plays the violin, clarinet, piano; she achieved Grade 5 Singing two years ago, Grade 5 Theory of Music and recently gained Distinction in Grade 7 Musical Theatre.

Director of Music, Josephine Rose said “Madeline is very gifted and it is such a joy to teach her – our lessons together are the highlight of my week! Despite being ahead of her peer group in so many ways, Madeline is still a very fun-loving and typical 11 year old. She is always happy to make music with her peers in the Music Department and is an inspiration to all.’

Madeline is already planning what to do next as she says she “likes the feeling of doing things all at once”. She loves studying and writing and is currently finishing off her first musical. She will be starting work on AS level music this term.

At the end of July this year, Madeline, who is a seasoned performer, completed an 8 month run as Young Nala in the West End show ‘Lion King’.

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