Year 12 Form Prefects

Sixth Form students at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School have become role models for younger pupils. Thirty two Year 12 students have been selected to be Form Prefects, a role that puts them at the very heart of the senior school.

The Form Prefect scheme is a simple one: Two Year 12 students are appointed to a tutor group for pupils in Years 7, 8 or 9. During form time they will help pupils with their homework, or areas of study they may be struggling with, making sure that pupils are organised and that their prep diaries are up-to-date and neat. They will help form teachers with form time activities, such as food surveys and learning techniques. They will also liaise with teachers about which pupils they feel deserve praise and recognition.

Those interested in becoming Form Prefects had to complete an application form about their interpersonal skills, organisational skills and their ability to work as part of team. Their application was then reviewed by the Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Ross, who selected thirty-two successful applicants.

The ultimate aim of having Form Prefects, however, is that Sixth Formers become positive role models for pupils in the lower years. The role is very much about Sixth Formers being a source of guidance, support and friendship.

James Lee, a Year 12 Form Prefect, explains. Its important that Sixth Formers get involved with the main school. Ive been at this school for ten years and I wanted to give back. I know that Sixth Formers can be good role models; we can be there if a younger pupil needs someone to talk to, or if they want to know more about going through the school and what its like doing A Levels.

Patrick White, also a Form Prefect, agrees, Weve all been in Year 7 and found the older pupils a bit intimidating. Form Prefects break the barrier between year groups and make Sixth Formers more accessible, and when that happens pupils become more comfortable with asking us questions. It also gives younger pupils the opportunity to have one-to-one mentoring if they want.

The Form Prefects also get a lot out of interacting with the younger pupils. Adam Lee, a Year 12 Form Prefect said, We get experience of communicating with people of a different age group. We have to communicate with them differently from the way we do with our peers we have to be more approachable and even friendlier, because they may not feel completely comfortable talking to an older pupil. Its about learning a new skill. Of course, its also something that we can put on our UCAS application to show that were well-rounded students active in our community.

Although the scheme has only recently started, the new Year 12 Form Prefects are keen to start their new duties. On Monday, an informal lunch was held in the Bernard Sunley Sixth Form Centre for the new Form Prefects to congratulate them on successfully making it through the application process. They will now stay with the same form group for the remainder of the school year.

Mrs Ross, Head of Sixth Form, said, It speaks volumes that there were forty-eight applications for the thirty-two places available, which shows that the Sixth Form are keen and enthusiastic to get more involved in the wider school community. Its not only the younger years that gain much from interacting with Sixth Formers. Our Years 12s are also getting a lot out of it; they learn about responsibility, commitment, and making sure that they see things through. Its mutually beneficial.

04 February 2015

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