What Christmas Means to Me

On Friday 5th December, pupils at the Royal Alexandra and Albert Junior School performed in this year’s Christmas play, ‘What Christmas Means to Me’

With lots of energetic singing and plenty of laughs, pupils took the audience through what Christmas has come to mean for many people. In one scene, a queue of customers waited for a very long time at a till and discussed the pitfalls of shopping for Christmas presents. One clever customer had an idea - Christmas shopping is so easy, just buy socks for everyone! Another one thought, why not just move Christmas to another day altogether and therefore avoid all the Christmas shopping nightmare?

But for many Christmas is all about new games and game consoles. In the play, it wasn’t just the children who were engrossed with their latest console. Grandma and Granddad, played by Livia Piner and Liam Reeve, were so excited they took over the controls! For others, it was all about the Christmas number one, and in another scene the highlight of the holiday season was Christmas lunch and crackers.

Although the play stepped away from the traditional nativity, it ended with the message that being together with family and friends is what really matters. The play was a fun way of getting Junior pupils to think about what Christmas really means and what is important at this time of the year.

Head of the Junior School, Dr Ines Salman commented on the play, “Our Juniors did two fantastic performances of ‘What Christmas Means to Me’. It was very pleasing to see so many pupils enjoying playing their parts. The children have worked very hard under the direction of Year 6 teacher, Mr Leoffeler, and their efforts made for an entertaining play that was enjoyed by all who attended. The choir, led by Director of Music, Miss Butler, was a special treat. I want to extend my thanks to Miss Butler and every member of staff who helped the children make the play a real success.”

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