Extreme Mountain Bike Show

It was an afternoon of extreme mountain bike tricks for the Year 8s of the Royal Alexandra and Albert School.

For the last five years the School has participated in The Big Pedal competition, which encourages students to cycle and walk to school. It is organised by Sustrans, a leading charity working to get people to walk and cycle for healthier and cleaner journeys to school.

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School were the winners of the Surrey Secondary Schools section of the Big Pedal competition in December 2013, which encourages pupils to cycle to school. The prize was the amazing Extreme Mountain Bike Show. Presented by Daniel Butler and his brother Ashley, the high-paced, action packed show is not only about captivating school children with skilled bike tricks but also about promoting healthy living and safe cycling.

The show was a combination of daring stunts and a positive message from two very respected and accomplished mountain bikers. During the show, the performers explained the importance of wearing helmets and other safety gear when taking to their bikes.

The children very much enjoyed the lively show and were keen to participate. One lucky pupil was picked to take part in one of the less dangerous tricks which involved holding a tyre that had come off one of the bikes.

Ian Rowe, a teacher at the School who’s led the initiative for the last five years, said “It is a top quality show that encourages kids to get on their bikes and do it safely. My thanks to Sustrans for making this happen.”

13 May 2014

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