Rebecca King has had long hair for as long as she can remember. If she had a haircut, it was just to trim the ends. That was until 18th February when the 13 year old pupil from the Royal Alexandra and Albert School had the most radical haircut of her life.

It all started last year when she came across the website and heard of people donating their hair so that children with cancer, who had lost their hair, could have a real-hair wig. A few years ago Rebecca lost her father to cancer and she wanted to do something to help other people who had cancer. So she took the decision to have her waist-length hair cut.

Rebecca, who had the haircut only a day after undergoing laser surgery on a birthmark on her face, said “I was inspired to donate my hair after watching videos of other people doing it and I wanted to help someone with cancer. Now I have had my hair cut I prefer it shorter. It’s much easier to handle and look after.”

Headmaster Paul Spencer Ellis commented “Rebecca’s decision to donate her hair is a considered and thoughtful act that will directly help children with cancer. Not many girls her age would have done this and Rebecca is a shining example to other pupils at this School.”

6th March 2014

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