School Council Election Day

Election Day arrived at Royal Alexandra and Albert School on 26th September. Pupils across the School were given the opportunity to vote for their Student Council representative. Last year there was a great turn out, with a higher percentage of pupils voting for their representatives than their adult counterparts did at the last general election.

Jessica Anastasi was the first pupil to vote. She arrived at the polling station promptly at 8am. Jessica, who is interested in politics, explains, The Student Council is important it gives us a voice. Voting gives me the power to choose my representative, someone whos strong and will stand for what we as a tutor group want." Damani Francis, a Year 13 Prefect who helped make sure the day ran smoothly, agreed that the elections were important. Its a great idea as it gets everyone involved. At my last school they didnt do Student Council elections, which was a shame, but here the students get a say.

There were a number of candidates, all of whom delivered speeches to convince their fellow tutor group members to vote for them. Ben Hoad, a Year 10 candidate, was enthusiast to take part. I prepared my speech in advance and knew what I wanted to say. I want to help make the School better, to help make changes. Ben has run for election before but is confident that this time hell win. Ive been told my speech was really good. Hopefully my tutor group will elect me.

Owen Moore, a Year 9 pupil, also decided to run for Student Council. Its my second time. I was elected in Year 6, but now I know the School and the teachers better. I feel more comfortable here, so I know Ill be able to do a good job this time. But it wasnt just older students who took part. Year 7 candidate, Cassidy Faraday, was excited by the prospect of being elected. I think I have a good chance of winning. Ive been going around trying to get people to vote. Its been fun.

Citizenship Teacher, Tamasine Bellaby said I think School Council is incredibly important for students as it not only gives them a voice in our school but also encourages them to take ownership of our school. I am always really impressed with the effort students put into their speeches and the turnout on election day the argument that young people are politically apathetic is disproved in our school.

30th September 2013

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