Jun 08 - Geography trip turns into horrible history

Year 7 pupils from the Royal Alexandra and Albert School were in for a grizzly surprise as they returned from a trip to Reigate Caves on 6th June. Waiting for them on Wray Common were two cloaked figures who made them sit down to listen to gruesome stories of events that had taken place in Reigate’s history.

Pupils learned about some of the unsavoury characters that lived in Reigate in years gone by. They also heard about the harsh punishments that were given to adults and children for even minor offences. Some of the children participated in the story telling by acting in the part of Judge or witness and there was an enthusiastic response when volunteers were sought to be the prisoner.

The story tellers were actually experienced actors who are staff at the School. Drama teacher, Emma Bennett worked as an actor at the London Dungeon before she became a teacher. Admissions Officer, Susan Harrington who has recently completed an amateur production as one of Alan Bennett’s ‘Talking Heads’ helped Mrs Bennett with this slightly unorthodox history lesson.

Headmaster Paul Spencer Ellis said “Teachers at the School constantly seek new ways of bringing their subjects to life. This imaginative history lesson kept children enthralled towards the end of a tiring trip to visit the sights of Reigate. Its success is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the teachers involved.”

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