Geography Water Project

It’s not easy building a water supply network as Year 10 pupils at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School found out this week. Jo Hedges, Education Co-ordinator from Sutton and East Surrey Water came to their geography lesson to teach pupils what is involved with bringing water to consumers.

They learned about the complexities of building the water supply network and how it involved specialists from many different areas including surveyors, geologists, civil engineers, distribution engineers, project managers, ecologists, archaeologists, council officers, the National Trust, landowners and even ordinance advisers if there is an unexploded bomb on the site.

Pupils then set about building their own water supply network. Working in teams they had to plan, buy materials, construct and commission a viable water supply network at the optimum cost. They built a system for taking water from a reservoir to various different points and had to use valves to manage the flow.

Teacher, Anne Vaughan said “Pupils are studying water supply as part of the GCSE curriculum and this lesson has really brought the subject to life. Until today I don’t think they had any idea of what is involved in supplying the water they use every day. They really enjoyed learning about the subject and also building their own water supply network.” She added “I hope that having a better understanding of where water comes from will encourage them to use it wisely.”

Jo Hedges said “Our Water Supply Challenge is an excellent opportunity for students to engage in a practical problem solving activity, which relates to the real life issues of supplying water to our homes and businesses in the local area.”

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