Edinburgh Extension – Official Opening

Today marked the official end to the six year programme to extend boarding accommodation in all the boarding houses at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School. The last of seven ground floor extensions was opened when the Chairman of Surrey County Council, Mrs Lavinia Sealy, came to Edinburgh House on 28th March 2013.

The extensions provide additional ground floor accommodation including an additional common room, kitchen and a computer room. Edinburgh House, like the other boarding houses at the school, is home to around 48 boarders, but also has around 50 flexi boarders. These are pupils who can stay at school from breakfast time until bedtime and only go home to sleep.

Mrs Sealy was welcomed to the house by boys aged between 11 and 13 who live in Edinburgh House. Pupils, staff and members of the School’s Board of Management listened to a brief speech by Mrs Sealy and by the Headmaster and then Mrs Sealy unveiled the commemorative plaque.

Headmaster, Paul D Spencer Ellis said “We have extended our boarding houses to meet the changing needs of pupils at this school. The additional common room space is already well used by pupils who can relax between school and evening study, or activities. The computer room is used as a classroom during the day and is an excellent place for pupils to do their homework in the evenings.”
28th March 2013

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