Miss, what did you do at the weekend?

Most people spend their weekends taking it easy and recovering from a busy week. But not Zoe Shimmin. Last weekend Zoe, who teaches PE at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School, jetted off to the Isle of Man to defend her title in the island’s ‘Superstars’ competition.

The Isle of Man Superstars event is based on the popular 1970s BBC TV show ‘Superstars’ and it aims to find out who is the Island’s best all-round sportsman or sportswoman. The competition brought together the Island’s top sports people to compete in eight different disciplines including swimming, gym tests, a strength and agility challenge, table tennis tournament, basketball skills test and a bleep test which involves running a series of short sprints against the clock. The event was organised in order to raise funds for the Isle of Man team to participate in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014.

Zoe, who is originally from the Isle of Man, successfully defended her title by being the highest performing sportswoman. Overall (including the men) she came second in strength and agility, third on the climbing wall and fourth in basketball. Zoe said “All the best sportsmen and sportswomen from the Island were there and I had to work really hard to defend my title.”

Headmaster Paul D Spencer Ellis adds “It is great to see a PE teacher not only teaching excellent PE lessons but who is also being a role model and participating in high level sport herself.”

The event took place on Sunday 17th March but by Monday morning, Zoe was back at school in Reigate teaching PE. She is now planning her next sporting event which is when she represents the Isle of Man national squad at the Northern Counties Hockey Tournament in May.
20th March 2013

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