Twenty Five Percent Twins

At this time of year there is a big announcement at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School. The Headmaster comes to assembly and announces the names of the prefects for next year. This year was a bit different because the list of 16 prefects included two sets of twins. Joshua, Benjamin, Olivia and Hannah have all impressed staff with their attitude to work and commitment to the values of the school and have been selected to be prefects for the next academic year.

One of their first duties was to help out with the running of the School’s Open Morning on Saturday 19th May. They, along with other prefects, helped staff by giving directions to visitors, organising younger pupils to take families on a tour of the school, and by answering questions from prospective parents.

Headmaster Paul Spencer Ellis said “The twins and the other 12 pupils have done exceptionally well to be selected as prefects. There are many excellent pupils in our current Year 10 so there was a lot of competition for the coveted prefect’s tie and badge. Each pupil who was chosen to be a prefect was selected on their own merit regardless of whether their twin had also been selected.

“The prefects handled their first Open Morning with quiet efficiency and have proved themselves to be superb role models for younger pupils.”

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