Prize-Winner Liam visits European Parliament

Not many 13 year olds get the opportunity to talk directly to senior politicians about what needs to be done to save our environment. But thatís exactly what Liam Kelly did when he went to the European Parliament in Brussels this week.

Liam, a pupil at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School, had entered a competition which involved making a short video putting forward his views on protecting our environment. There were five prizes for the best entries in the competition which was organised by Eurostar and the Young Peopleís Trust for the Environment. Liamís video about climate change and sustainable transport impressed the judges and won him one of the top prizes which was a trip to the European Parliament in Brussels.

Liam and his father set off early on the morning of 27th March to catch the Eurostar train to Brussels. During the 3-hour journey Liam finalised his speech to give to MEPs about his views on protecting the environment. When they arrived in Brussels, the 5 winners went to the European Parliament where they had a tour and then went on to a have lunch with MEPs. After the lunch, Liam and the other winners each made a speech and then took part in a debate with the MEPs about the environment.

Liam commented ďI was very pleased to win this competition and enjoyed my visit to the European Parliament in Brussels. The highlight was when we had the debate with MEPs as it was really interesting to hear everyoneís views and share ideas and opinions about the environment.Ē

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