Apr 08 - School welcomes visitors from Slovak Republic

Representatives from the Slovak Embassy visited the Royal Alexandra and Albert School in Surrey to discuss placing students at the School from next September. One of the newer European countries, the Slovak Republic, is seeking to broaden the experience of some of its students by offering them education in England and other EU countries. Around 60 students are expected to attend English schools as part of the programme being developed by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in London

The visitors from the Embassy were Radovan Javorčίk, Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission and Rastislav Kostilnίk, Third Secretary.

Following the visit on 25th April, Paul Spencer Ellis, Headmaster of the Royal Alexandra and Albert School said “As the world gets smaller, it is increasingly important for people to be aware of the language, culture and values of other countries. I fully support the Slovak Republic in this initiative and look forward to welcoming the students to our school in September”.

The Slovakian government will be funding boarding places for sixth formers to attend the School.

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