2 Dec 10 - Poems from Year 3 & 4

Year 3 & 4 Acrostic Poems - 2nd December 2010

Plenty of snow falls out of the sky
Everyone gathers for Christmas pie
Noel brings presents on Christmas night
Glory to the children, they got a kite
Under the Christmas tree theres always a treat
Icy snow falls on my feet
Noel is a very nice man and Im his greatest fan.

By Lauren Year 4

Snow is wet and as cold as ice
Now the snow is not that nice
Outside people are having fun
Wet and cold when the day is done.

By Anashe Year 3

Cool snow can you catch?
How will they make a perfect match?
Ring the charming bell on Christmas night
Indoors to get a big fright
Sounds like the snow is getting big
To me we have to dig and dig
Me and my brother wish to get
A cute and cuddly little pet
Sunday a big party goes on.

By Harry Year 4

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