Apr 2010 - Pupils stranded by volcanic ash

As a boarding school the Royal Alexandra and Albert School has been hit harder than most by the ‘no fly’ crisis that has resulted from the volcanic ash which is filling the skies over England. Over 50 pupils are stranded at locations around the globe and are unable to return to school until flights start again.

Almost all teachers and boarding staff have managed to return to school despite some being aboard at the time flights were stopped. Arrangements have been made to cover for absent colleagues and those that are still away are making every effort to get back to school as soon as possible.

This is a vital time of year for Year 11 pupils who will be taking their GCSEs later this term. All pupils were given a CD rom to assist them with revision and the information is also available on the internet so pupils can continue their studies wherever they are in the world. Other pupils will be given support when they return so that they can catch up on any lessons they miss.

Headmaster Paul Spencer Ellis comments “Over 50 of our 800 pupils are stranded in locations all over the world including Australia, Brunei, Dubai, Spain and Hong Kong. Whilst many pupils might enjoy the extra holiday, it is not helpful for them to lose time at school.

“Many of the teaching and boarding staff made heroic efforts to get back to the UK when their flights were cancelled which means we have almost all our staff present. They have already made it possible for Year 11 pupils to prepare for their GCSEs by giving them a revision CD rom and this has been key to ensuring they are able to continue to prepare for their exams even if they unable to return to school.”

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