Dec 09 - Creepy Crawley Christmas

Creepy Crawley Christmas was a startling and amusing new look at the Christmas Story from a caterpillars’ eye view. This was the theme of the Junior Department 2009 Christmas play.

The caterpillar found a strange star and wondered through the insect world looking for help in returning the star to the sky. The star of course was the star of Bethlehem and Wilfred the caterpillar returned the star to the evening sky and the play ended up with the manger in Bethlehem and so the school play was able to carry on as advertised.

It was great fun for all the audience and for the actors and actresses. Parents, carers, friends, teachers and staff enjoyed the well produced play and they are already reserving their seats for next years’ offering.

Head of the Junior Department, Dr Ines Salman said “I would like to congratulate everyone for such a great performance. As well as the stars of the show (the children of course), our huge thanks also go to Directors: Miss Hamlin, Miss Williams and Miss Donohoe; Scenery and Props: Miss Jones and Mr Leoffeler: Costumes, Mrs Gaunt, Mrs Bingham and Miss Price; Music; Mrs Bryant and Administration; Ms Mallinson and Mrs Atkins.”

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