The Music department is based in The Bothy Music Centre, an acoustically-improved building slightly away from the main school.  We have excellent resources for use in class lessons and co-curricular activities, including a suite of 17 Apple Mac computers.  Staff are available from 7.45am until 6.00pm every week day and boarders can also work at the Bothy on weekends.  All class music lessons are taught by specialist teachers, and almost 200 pupils also have individual instrumental and singing lessons each week.


All pupils in Years 3-9 are taught in their tutor groups, developing skills in performing, composing and listening through a wide variety of tasks.  During each Key Stage, pupils will use voices, keyboards, ukuleles, percussion instruments, rock band instruments, and Apple Mac computers to create music. Pupils who continue to study Music at GCSE and A Level will specialise in performing styles of their choice, whilst investigating a broad range of musical genres through practical and written tasks.


There are at least 20 music events each year in addition to pupil involvement in assemblies and weekend Chapel services. Performing opportunities include lunchtime recitals, band gigs, classical concerts and collaborations with other schools. The range of events ensures that there is a suitable platform for every pupil who wishes to perform. 

A wide variety of ensemble activities are available; some groups rehearse weekly throughout the year, whilst others form for specific events. We often create short-term projects according to pupil interest, so please tell us what music you would like to play!  Rehearsals take place at lunch times, during Co Curriculum activities and after tea. We encourage musical involvement in the wider community and several of our pupils attend Surrey Arts ensembles. 

Regular practice is crucial for musical success! We therefore offer Open Rehearsal Time sessions throughout the week where all pupils are welcome to work alone or in groups on musical activities. In addition, Individual Practice Time, during which pupils who have instrumental or singing lessons can practice for their weekly lessons, is available before school, at break and lunch times, and as part of the Co Curriculum Programme.  Many pupils also practise in their boarding houses (most of which have pianos) and music staff visit Rank-Weston House regularly to support Junior pupils with practice. 

Individual Music Lessons

We also have a strong team of visiting music teachers who offer individual lessons on all orchestral instruments, piano, guitars, drums and singing. For more information about individual lessons, and to learn more about the wide range of activities, ensembles and practice opportunities available, please contact the Director of Music: 

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